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It’s your OWN platform to establish an online identity and the only place you truly own in terms of content, performance and authority. Your website is the cornerstone of your digital presence as well as a powerful way to generate revenue.

Is your website bring in leads for your business?

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With all the focus on social media these days, it is easy to lose sight that your website is the most important platform you have in the digital realm. Because you are the owner of your own platform, you have the freedom and ability to transform your website from just a static page into a platform to drive sales.

Too many businesses make the mistake of building their website and just leaving it alone. Perhaps updating the information once a year or worse, not all. The ‘build it, and they will come’ strategy cannot work anymore.

When it comes to website development, it has to fit in with your overall digital marketing strategy. You need to get many aspects to work together - content marketing, social media, search engine marketing, data analytics and online marketing need to work hand in hand to elevate the user’s experience.

The challenge


Your website needs to wear many hats - converting users, online branding, collecting key metrics for improvement and also serving up the information that’s valuable to your users. Additionally, it has to cut through the ‘digital noise’ to stand out from your competitors.

The solution


We at Optisage Technology Sdn Bhd can deliver integrated strategies to maximise your online brand while increasing your revenue. Website development has many considerations such as researching, designing, testing, building and maintaining it while ensuring optimal performance, speed and usability.

Certified experts


Our team of certified professionals have over 15 years of experience from various digital industries. We are the only digital marketing agency in this region that has all the certifications from Facebook, LinkedIn, MailChimp and Google certifications – Google Ads, Google Analytics, YouTube Advertising and Google Apps.

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