MDEC SME Business Digitalisation Initiative

MDEC Approved Technology Provider (TSP) | SME Business Digitalisation Grant | Johor Bahru


Get your Matching Grant up to RM 5,000 with SME Digitalisation Initiative

The favourable provisions for digital adoption set out in the 2020 Budget denotes the government is actively encouraging more local businesses to move rapidly into the technology sphere.

The Government will provide a 50% matching grant of up to RM5,000 per company for the subscription of the above services. This matching grant will be worth RM500 million over 5 years, limited to the first 100,000 SMEs applying to digitalise their business operation.

  • MDEC Approved Technology Provider (TSP) | SME Business Digitalisation Grant | Johor Bahru


    Encourages usage of digital marketing software that help SMEs plan, create, manage and optimize online advertising

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  • MDEC Approved Technology Provider (TSP) |  SME Business Digitalisation Grant | Johor Bahru


    Adoption of digital technologies by transforming buying and selling of products over the Internet, and the services that support such activity, including marketing, development of online sales platforms, delivery services, and more.

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Penjana HRDF Initiative | Digital Marketing Approved Training Provider in Johor Bahru Malaysia

Building The Economy Together

The HRDF new economic recovery initiative, PENJANA HRDF – Training Incentive Programme highlights how generating job opportunities and training play a critical part in Malaysia’s fight to get back on its feet in the wake of the COVID-19 peak on unemployment and employability issues.

The government, through PENJANA, emphasises training in terms of reskilling and upskilling of Malaysians to enhance the employability of the unemployed.

These efforts will be implemented through collaborations with various ministries and agencies.

HRDF at the same time seeks qualified partners in delivering the initiatives crafted as part of the short to medium-term COVID-19 economic recovery plan, specifically related to job placement, entrepreneurship, self-employment and market-driven industrial revolution 4.0 training.

  • HRDF Registered Training Provider | Place & Train | Penjana HRDF Training Grant | Johor Bahru


    Place & Train (Employer Driven) is an initiative to source and provide employment opportunities for Malaysians especially for school leavers, graduates and retrenched workers by participating in Placement Job Training required by the employers of selected industries.

    During job placement period, employees will be trained to effectively deliver their job by using the existing workplace tools, machines, documents, equipment and other related skills within the job scope.

    It is compulsory for employers to hire the candidates and offer them a minimum of 1 year contract.

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  • HRDF Registered Training Provider | Gerak Insan Gemilang (GIG) | Penjana HRDF Training Grant | Johor Bahru


    GIG was developed with the main purpose of aiding the Malaysians with specific skills and knowledge through end-to-end training to up-skill themselves that will enable them to increase their income from various means by becoming freelancers.

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